Anchors keep you grounded 

the Anchor - a popular symbol, person or thing that provides stability, strength, confidence in an otherwise uncertain situation.

“Putting down anchor” was a means to the safe end of a long journey.

Not only part of the ship, but sailors liked the connection this symbol represented. Although it contradicts the idea of the Kite, it offers a feeling one uses to keep him or herself grounded or in a calm state - when things are not well or working.

After losing my position recently, I decided to take some time and really refocus my goals for my future. I was presented with the opportunity to take a Human Resources course and I leaped at the chance. See, HR has always intrigued me because of the personal aspect. I just never really considered doing anything other than marketing & sales BUT realized if I would, HR would be the next adventure. I learned more than I ever thought I could and immediately began looking for positions in the field. What I quickly realized is although there were jobs out there, I was very specific about what I wanted to do in HR. I wanted to focus on people - recruitment & retention, what made people work harder, communicating the "WHY" & the expectations and accountability. So instead of working for one company who needed someone who is focused on change management and exceeding expectations for their best asset - their people, I chose to offer my services to multiple businesses. Now, I get to be an integral part of multiple businesses and industries as they move closer to successful change.

Businesses like you. Filled with people who started their business because they had passion. And purpose. And because more than likely they wanted to work with people like them to be successful. People who love what they do everyday. People who love to see others succeed. People who "just get it" - these people change lives.

Passion inspires People and Passionate People inspire Purpose, in themselves and in others. It's the 3P Mentality. 

Kite & Anchor offers Human Resources Services on an Hourly or Monthly Retainer Basis. Some of which are included below: 

  • Write engaging job descriptions

  • Market Research for Positions and corresponding compensation recommendations.

  • Recruitment Plan and Retention Strategy.

  • Workload and Job Responsibilities

  • Employee Performance Reviews and Stay Interviews