Passion. People.

I don’t want to do your job for you.
I want to help you do your job
more easily and effectively.


Business today is full of complicated measurements for success. Advertising messages alone are missing the intended audience. We all get so inundated with what to do, when to do it and how to do it - that it becomes just too much. Click here, share this, then go here, and then do that, and buy this, and this, and this too. . . Ahhhhhhhhh - Sound Familiar? Lucky us, there is now more competition than ever before for your business - especially online.  So how does someone even begin to stand out from the rest?

When I started this adventure, I was simply amazed by the people that say they can help you “Win” at social media and marketing. There are soooooo many people out there these days telling you what to do & how to do it, BUT aren’t actually willing to be there with you in the trenches doing it WITH you. That’s where my process differs. No matter if you need coaching for Kite or Anchor services, the process is the same. I will be there with you every step of the way to walk you through whatever you need to get your job done more efficiently.

Growing up as an athlete - coaching was always something I valued. From my very first youth soccer coach in 5th grade to my college coaches, I remember them all. They may not have all been the best, in fact some may have even been awful with no experience. But, no matter what, I learned something from each and every one. I swore to myself one day when I became a coach the things I would do differently. Then, I did just that. I realized that no matter your skill level, or years on the field, there is ALWAYS something more that can be learned. And sometimes it just takes someone who thinks a bit differently to get you there - to become successful as a player.  

See, the coach isn’t there to play the game for you. No, we all know that. But then when it comes to business, WHY do we expect people to do the job for us? Think back, even if you have never played sports before, the coach is going to give you the best knowledge, tools, tips & tricks the pros use. The tried and true, the innovative, and even the new & different ideas along with strategy for you to play to the best of your ability. Of course the end goal is to win - no matter the sport. But, in my experience, I have learned there are sometimes more impactful lessons in losing. When things don't work out like you practice, you have to figure out a way to come back from it - not just by yourself, but along with your entire team, including the coach.