kites fly high

Kites are meant to make people smile - They set sail and fly as long as you have enough string and wind to keep them going. . .

This is a great analogy for marketing & advertising

In my most recent experience, I was hired by a full service marketing agency to create a Digital Media Sales Department. After 3+yrs, this department included a full range of Digital Media, Social Media and SEO services. I believe this experience has prepared me to be successful - flying out on my own. Not only do I have a better and more comprehensive understanding of general technology, but I have learned so much more valuable information about website content, search engine algorithms, user experience, and audience targeting through online digital & social media campaigns. I look at marketing different. I think different. I force you to think different. Different is sometimes hard. But, when done right, it can make all the difference. 

When I was considering what I would do next, I knew I wanted to help people like me. People who started a business because they had passion. And purpose. And because more than likely they wanted to work with people like them. People who love what they do everyday. People who love to see others succeed. People who "just get it" - those people change lives.

Passion inspires People and Passionate People inspire Purpose, in themselves and in others. It's the 3P Mentality. 

Kite & Anchor offers Marketing & Advertising Services on an Hourly or Monthly Retainer Basis. Some of which are included below: 

  • Traditional/Digital Media Advertising Buys & Placement

  • Marketing Goal Setting based on Business Goals

  • Custom Strategy for accomplishing Goals

  • Structure for Budget Allocation

  • Creation of Digital Media & Social Media Campaigns (tied to Business/Marketing Goals)