WHAT - Kite & Anchor is a people first Marketing & Advertising and Human Resources coaching business. If you are looking for someone to do all your work for you, this is not it. If instead, you are looking to partner with, learn from, be trained by, and open to change and understanding the reasons why, then CONGRATULATIONS - this will be a great fit for you! I have always learned by doing and being part of the process - I am a firm believer that this makes for the best experience in any working partnership.  


WHEN - What better time than Now? Right? I agree. Kite & Anchor work hours are Monday - Thursday 7am - 4pm AND Friday’s by appointment only. Unless I’m on vacation. I take my travel and time off very seriously - It’s how I recharge my batteries and stay on top of my game. This time will always be communicated, and there will be a specific “out of office” plan agreed upon for your convenience. Thanks in advance for your understanding - and don’t worry there are sure to be photos and stories shared.


WHY - Like you, most locally owned business struggle with having the necessary staff resources of those “bigger guys”. One person doing the job of three, or getting thrown into something they are not experienced in. ESPECIALLY when it comes to strategic marketing and human resources professionals. I began Kite & Anchor because I know what it’s like to work with (and for) businesses who have staff doing multiple job duties on a day to day basis without being held accountable or given the help they deserve to grow both personally and professionally.


WHERE - Your place or mine? Ok so, technically I rather come to you. It gives me a great opportunity to see how things work. But, if you can’t talk without being interrupted then a coffee shop works just fine. Like any coffee shop. Literally. #MustHaveCoffee is my work mantra. That and undivided attention when we meet. So whatever works best for you is good with me. I’m flexible but this is very important - it’s the future of your business and I take that very seriously.  So please choose a place where you can focus on our conversation. Opportunity for phone and video calls always an option as well if not in person (face to face) which is always my first preference.


HOW - There is an easy step by step “From the ground up” process for work flow and benchmarks for the relationship when we begin working together below. This is not a dictatorship - this is a partnership. This partnership is meant to work best for you and your needs. Depending on our relationship and history some of the items may be rearranged or eliminated. However, communication and full disclosure of How I Work most effectively is important to our success together. My #1 goal is to always exceed your expectations. With that being said, a firm foundation of what exactly our main focus is and the full scope of work will be  outlined in the partnership agreement.

Kelsi Palmer